Monday, 31 January 2011


This blog used to be hosted at blog.mkjbs.co.uk but we have moved to a new home! if you would like to catch up on our musings so far this season please check the link. I will be updating both blogs for the time being.

I have finally taken the step to the blog world. As this is my first ever article I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself. Im a IT professional, Husband, father of 2 great boys, a brother twice over and ofcourse a son!
I live in the Plymouth, Devon, UK and have the pleasure of working from home for a software company in Surrey UK.
I enjoy weekend activities such as sailing, cycling with the family and watching sport.
I have been betting on a wide range of sport for many years and have over the past 3 years focused on English football betting. I have recently started analysing all football data going back to the late 90's that I have put together from a number of sources, looking for trends and statistics. I will be using this blog to track my success or otherwise of using this new data I have available.
Hopefully this blog will be interesting and enjoyable to read as well as show that my process works! Im not a serious professional gambler - my maximum bet is in the region of £10 so this isnt going to be a tipping service, however this will provide details of where I believe there is value in a price and explain my reasons why. As we saw at Tottenham yesterday however there are no guarantees to this.
If anyone bets on any of my selections and is ultimately unsuccessful I accept no responsibility for that! However if you are successful you can always send me a cheque :)
As I have started this a couple of weeks into the season I thought I would share some interesting facts I have found already.
Yesterday Rochdale played at Brentford and won 1-3. Rochdale were rank outsiders for this game however the statistics showed that the last 2 times Rochdale played at Brentford they won on both occasions, added to this Brentford had lost their opening home game this season and Rochdale had drawn their first away game the price of 10/3 was too good to ignore.
Also Bolton have a great record at West Ham, Bolton having won there for the last 2 years, so the 5/2 on offer for a repeat a week ago had to be taken.
I will be putting up for selections each week and explain why I have selected them, if anyone has any comments, feedback or would like to be involved in this project please get in touch.
Yesterday I did a Yankee (if people need explanations for the different betting types please ask) and managed 3 out of 4.
I followed this up with a double on Manchester United and Reading to win at Leicester. You might say the Manchester United bet was obvious, but there is no reason not to double a short price favourite such as Manchester United with what appears to be an outsider in Reading, especially when it wins!
I will do my analysis for next week and post back later in the week.
Oh if you would like to play a game where you have to predict premier league scores online please go to
This is free to play and is just for fun! At present its played by myself and my family and so family friends, so very child friendly, a bit of fun and something to enjoy whilst the season progresses!
Its not too late to join as any new players will pick up points for all the draws so far this season.
Good luck all
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