Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Brazil World Cup - Group C Review

Group C

Group C could be considered to be one of the weaker groups in the World Cup this time around although that doesn't make it any easier to pick the qualifiers from this group. Its probably safe to say that these teams won't be contesting the final however it doesn't mean these group games will not be worth a watch.

Columbia are the seeded team in this group however they haven't qualified since 1998 when they were in Englands group losing 0-2 to England on that occasion and failing to get out of the group. They are now ranked 8th in the world and come into the tournament in good form. They have only conceded 2 goals since losing to Uruguay 0-2 in September 2013 which is not a bad record! 

Greece are currently ranked 12 in the world so should give Columbia a good game! Greece came from nowhere to win the European Championships in 2004 when they didn't even qualify then won every game 1-0 to win the whole thing! I can't see this happening again however they could at least beat Japan, if they can get something from Columbia or Ivory Coast they could scrape through.

The Ivory Coast are one of those teams that on paper you would expect them to go quite well, their team is slightly aging but with the likes of Yaya Toure anything is possible. This group does look ideal for them and they could progress if they can get a fast start.

Finally the Japanese side have the skill and technique to run around their opponents all day, they come into this tournament as Asian champions but they lack a potent goal scorer and could struggle to trouble the opponents net.

For me the group will finish

Ivory Coast

Could be an interesting group to bet on match outcomes as they are well matched as a group of 4.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the review but I'm wondering if you also have match previews?