Thursday, 12 June 2014

Group D Review - Brazil 2014

Group D

The England Group! This Group is made up of England, Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. We have heard so much about Pirlo from Italy, Suarez from Uruguay and Rooney from England! So whats going to happen here then? Last time around Uruguay ended up in the Semi Finals thanks to Suarez and his hands on that occasion! England disappeared without trace against Germany and Italy went home early having been dumped in the Group stages and finishing bottom!

Since then things have changed for the Azzuri they finished runners up to Spain 2 years ago in the Euro Championships, Roy has got hold of the English side and they appear fairly competitive in this company and Uruguay finsihed 5th in their World Cup qualification and had to beat Jordan to get the the finals at all!

So what of Costa Rica you ask........

Well Costa Rica are ranked 28th in the world at the moment and finsihed 2nd behind USA in their qualification group. The finished above Honduras and Mexico so are by no means also rans here. However I don't think they will affect how this group pans out in all honesty but might get a sneaky draw at some point.

We know Italy have an aging side, we know Suarez has just had a knee operation, so it doesn't matter if he plays or not, he won't be running around like he did in the premiership this past season, he will not be 100% which can only help Englands chances.

England have youth on their side and if Sterling is given the chance to bomb up and down for 70 minutes we might just see some fireworks! If England keep players fit and healthy I can see them getting to the Quarter Finals at least..................

Englands opening fixture is in the Rain Forest on a pitch that looks like this! So I think the passing game is out!

My view of the Group might surprise a few, this is how I see it!
Costa Rica

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