Thursday, 30 June 2011

Off topic - how to find a situation where I cannot lose at Wimbledon

Its often said that its important to find a way to ensure you have a situation where you bet and cannot lose. As I find myself in this situation today I thought I would share it with you.

Last week I placed a £20 bet on Maria Sharapova to win the womens singles at Wimbledon. The price offered by Bluesq was 4/1. This gives me a healthy £80 should she win. The bet was speculative as the big names were all still in the tournament however i felt the route to the final for Maria was fairly open. As it turned out this proved to be the case and today Maria won her semi as did Kvitova. Now I know very little abouth Kvitova apart from she is 21 and in her first final.

Maria is now 4/9 to win and Kvitova is 13/8. I worked out that if i bet £13 on Kvitova and she beat Maria I would be up £1.25 on all bets. Its better obviously if Maria wins however I have a route to making sure I don't lose and keep my bankroll.

However something else came up in my inbox. An email from Betfair offering me a no lose situation! All I have to do is place £10 on a tennis exchange and if my bet loses I get my money back! So now I can bet on Kvitova knowing if she wins I cover my loses on Sharapova however if she loses as expected I win my initial bet and I get my £10 back for a further bet!

The key point here is that by having multiple accounts I can take offers from different bookmakers at different times to keep me in the money!

If you need a new accounts click on one of the bookmaker links today, they will offer you free bets on setup and you can start splitting you bets to try and shore up any potential losses!

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